Wedding Video Examples

Shelby & Nick

at The COvey

This couple exemplified preserverance, kindness, and love. Watching their anticipation build before they walked down the aisle gave me as an onlooker glimpses of a secure and loving partnership. The simplistic rustic vibes at The Covey encompassed the crowed but never out shined the Bride and Groom. These two couldn't be more worthy of happiness and a bright future, and it was an absolute pleasure to film their wedding.

Erin & Tyler

at Woodland Park

The views for this wedding were STUNNING. This was an out of state small gathering at a vacation rental in Woodland Park that might stand out to me at one of the best locations I have ever been to. The friends, the family, the vendors, and of course the Bride and Groom were a blast and a half to be around. Couldn't be happier that this couple chose me to be there on their big day.

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