Funtastics 2017

Your skater’s photos will be available at the following links, please find their event below. We did not feature action photography on the East Rink for this event, all photos are from the West Rink.

Beginner 3 Figures
Pre-Preliminary Spins
Preliminary Spins
No Test Spins
Pre-Juvenile Spins
Juvenile Spins
Pre-Preliminary Jumps
Preliminary Jumps
Beginner 8 Freeskates
Beginner 7 Freeskates
Beginner 6 Freeskates
Beginner 5 Freeskates
Beginner 4 Freeskates
Juvenile Step Sequence Exhibition
Pre-Juvenile Freeskates
Tot Freeskate
Beginner 1 Freeskates
Beginner 2 Freeskates
Beginner 3 Freeskates
Ltd. Pre-Preliminary Freeskates
Pre-Preliminary Test Track Freeskates
Pre-Juvenile TT Freeskate Exhibition
Intermediate TT Freeskate Exhibition
Pre-Preliminary Freeskates
Preliminary Freeskates
Light Entertainment
Intermediate Dramatic Exhibition
Adult Beginner 2 Freeskate Exhibition
Adult Beginner 3 Freeskate Exhibition
Special Olympics 5 Freeskate
Special Olympics 6 Freeskate
Duet Light Entertainment